Art of Silence revisited

Hey, hey


Photo by Mal


The “Art of Silence” is going strong. We have been to General Workers Union just yesterday to check how things were going and we were told that many people come to see it on a daily basis. Even tourists.

We have finally got to change the tags. The previous ones were neat but didnt display all the information we wanted to. Mal`s photos requite a context, some kind of explanation and base for the quotes. So right now we have the new tags up with the blog name on it and the proper desciption. If you have a time, please come again and see for yourselves.


Photo by Mal


Mal on her part would like to ask the person who took “Sexist postcard from Malta” from the wall that this print is to be set “upside down” and this is very rude to take exhibits off the walls in general. She  had to arrange the piece all over again, but noticed that the corner is a bit destroyed. Folks do not do this, thank you in advance. The CCTV cameras are in place too so, it wont take that long to find out who you are…

We had a group coming from M Cast yesterday to see the exhibition and it was really nice to see a lecturer bringing them to check the event and discuss about art and the censorship issue. May to go M`am. The photos are a bit blurry as they were hasteed but they serve their purpose of documenting.

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal


We would also like to share some new items from the guest book. We have over 10 pages filled with nice comments. Thank you kindly for all the support and encouragement. It means a lot for every artist on this project.

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal

EDIT (5.1.2011): On November 27 th att General Workers Building an Anti-Racism press conference took place. It ran from 11:00 untill 13:00 pm. We were planning to attend as the Art Of Silence was on the display in the background but we got stucked in the traffic and came only at the very end. Still we believe it was a brilliant idea to stand up and be counted. Some things on this island are just swept under the carpet.


We cant believe that we havent posted those before. When “Art of Silence” exhibition was dismantled, we had ran though the guest book to find some really good last minute entries. We were thinking of sharing them but the shots got lost among others that we took in December. Thankfuly Mal is doing a good cleaning after new year and managed to find them. So here`s a nice epilogue to a trilling project we had a pleasure to participate in.

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal - our favourite


Yes, its “Art of Silence” re-re-visited.

Loads of hugs and hot chocolate.

Mal and Rita D.


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