Where we go

Where to meet us?

Organizing events can be a demanding job: handling ten tasks at a time, having sleepless nights, chasing after people, constant planning and adjusting. But it is also extremely rewarding experience. One of the best things in preparing events is that you always have to be on the look – out, you need to keep your hand on the pulse and know what is going on. You need to go places and meet with people, join seminars and conferences. Not only because networking is an extremely useful tool. Mostly it is for learning and widening your knowledge, exchanging information, getting new and fresh ideas.

During our college years we worked as cultural journalists and we attended several film festivals as part of our duties. We were at Berlin Fantasy Film Fest (August 2003) and ERA Nowe Horyzonty Festival in Poland (22nd July – 1st August 2004). We also took part in Cameraimage Festival in Poland (28th November – 5th December 2009).

Since Malicia moved to Malta in 2006, we had opportunity to attend many conferences and workshops on the island.

Just for the record let us mention some of them: 

•       Journalism and Photography workshop, October 2006,
•      Valletta Creative Forum, January – June 2007 (six sessions),
•      Creative Communities: Networking Local Councils and the Arts, workshop organized by MEUSAC,  30th -31st July 2009,
•      Various events organized by The Malta Cultural Contact Point and Media Desk within the Ministry for Tourism and Culture (currently those sectors fall under Ministry of Education) :

–      Cultural Funding and Audiovisual funding workshops June 19th 2007
–      Film Development and EU Funding seminar, April 26th 2008
–      Documentary Film Making Seminar 28th October 2008
–      Malta Film Fund information meeting, December 3rd 2009
•       The Value of Culture – lecture by John Holden, 23rd March 2010
•       Digital Arts Expo (July 2008, November 2009, November 2010)
•       Malta Comic Con convention (October/November 2009, October 2010)
•       TEDxValletta: Innovation meets Inspiration, 18th February 2011

You can also meet us at the all possible exhibition openings, concerts and other events that we may find interesting.

To keep it short: be it art, music or film workshop, comic convention or an academic conference, if it makes us tick, we will surely be there taking active part.


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