Indieterria presents Alternative Christmas with The Kecks

Dear Readers,

Alternative Christmas continue at Indieterria. Many of our readers were absolute legends helping out during the fan campaign to get Jarvis Cocker`s single “Running The World” to #2 in the UK charts. We thought that after our shared Top 40 adventures, we will write about equally brilliant Christmas song recorded by a band that is making waves on indie circuit.

Those who follow our blog will be familiar with future rock stars known as The Kecks. We have interviewed them and followed their musical development for about a year now.  It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to see them evolve and develop their (incredibly huge) potential.

The Kecks came into being after mighty Manuka Hive came to an end and their arrival caught us by surprise. We were not expecting such a radiant mix of alternative rock, psychedelia, post punk and avant-garde. But sonic palette was just part of the package. The Kecks emerged from obscurity full of ideas and with a clear cut artistic vision. Blade Runner like visuals (images, videos), gender bending wardrobe, their courage to be photographed wearing dresses or holding hands in public. There was sense of adventure, rebellion, challenging of social norm in how they carried themselves on and off stage, how they merged different elements to create their own unique identity as artists and performers.

It was impossible not to fall in love with The Kecks almost instantly. And we were not the only ones. In just a year the band managed to get decent following on social media, released a successful single (Stick in My Throat), played a session for BBC Introducing, released a live video (All For Me) and played European tour that took them though Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France and UK.

The band responded to their fans in a manner that could truly warm even the coldest of hearts.  Please allow us to quote their statement in full: “The support we’ve received in this first year has been phenomenal and we just wanted to do something as a little fun as a way of saying thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check us out this year. We look forward to catching up with you all on the road again in 2020 and have plenty of new music primed ready for your ears in the new year!”

And so they wrap up 2019 releasing a live version of Mud`s festive favourite Lonely This Christmas.

Written in 1974, this classic song went to number #1 and was performed on Top of The Pops.  The single was a homage to Elvis Presley and  members of Mud dedicated it to the King of Rock and Roll  for his 40th birthday.

The Kecks` version is very much on point and retains the slower Elvis-like singing of the original, but without the unnecessary pomp and kitsch. The song is stripped back and reinvigorated, dusted off and brought up to date for XXI century. It still sounds retro, vintage even but was given a very strong modern approach that will also appear for younger audience.

Lonely This Christmas was recorded as part of Glade Sessions. It was organised by Alexander Luebbe, produced by Carlos Andres and filmed by Yotam Schwartz.

The Kecks in all their splendour and glory

It`s not always a safe bet to take on a classic song  – but The Kecks come on top in their version of Lonely This Christmas. It shows their strength and ambition as a band.  If you can own a song written by a rock legends –then you can pretty much do anything, the sky`s the limit.

And this is what we would like to wish to The Kecks for 2020.

The band has been featured  on our blog before. We absolute adore them:

More readings:

The Kecks have been getting more and more attention in the national and European blogs and magazines. If you are curious who they are and want to learn more, please check out those articles as well:

Ready for action in 2020

You can follow the band on socials:

We hope you enjoy the posts and the music and we want to wish you all the best in the new decade dear readers.

See you soon with a lot of stuff coming up.


Indieterria presents Alternative Christmas – Get Jarvis Cocker “Running the World” a Christmas number 1

Dear Readers, 

Every year at Indieterria, we celebrate Christmas in an alternative way. Be it by bringing a festive cheer to a mosh pit (have you ever brought big slabs of chocolate to a gig to share with fellow gig goers and bands? You should try it!) or by supporting worthy causes. And this year presented us with a most magnificent cause there can be. After the recent elections, Brexit and years of austerity some incredible people decided to end the 2019 with a song that sums it all – Jarvis Cocker`s “Cunts Are Still Running The World”.

Their campaign to bring a 13- years old single to the top of charts just in time for Christmas took over so quickly that even the best marketing experts were surprised. But it gets better – all proceeds from the single are going to charity so you can not just sum up the people in power with the song, but also take part in a very peculiar Band Aid like exercise. All you need is to buy the single or stream it (or even share the campaign).

We had to meet up and speak to people who came up with this absolutely brilliant idea. Please meet Michael Hall and Darcie Molina – geniuses of marketing and we mean it.

Official single cover

What made you to set up the group? And please introduce the admins behind this idea? Who are the masterminds behind “Fancy Getting “C**ts Are Still Running The World” to UK Xmas No.1?

Michael Hall: The group is run by myself and Darcie Molina. We were so down at the election results on Friday morning (Friday the 13th). We were expecting disaster from the exit polls but it was worse than anything we could have imagined. It just occurred to us that it would be magical to get Jarvis Cocker’s “Cunts Are Still Running The World” to number 1 in this country. And then we realised, it would be the Christmas charts that week so we decided to give it a try. We expected to have a fun little group with a bout 20-30 like-minded people but then it really connected with everybody and they built this amazing Facebook group and made the campaign global.

We think it’s a fantastic choice, but we have to ask: why this particular song? Have you considered other tracks before settling on “Running the World”?

Michael Hall:  I’ll be honest – it was the song that gave us the plan, not the other way around. Since then though, we’ve had suggestions from people for a lot of songs. My favourite suggestion so far has been “Mother” by IDLES for its anti-Tory lyrics.

It took only couple of days for the group to go viral and attract 27.000 members. That’s more than AF Gang, the popular fan group for IDLES. Have you expected such a great response?

Michael Hall: Michael Hall:  We had no way to know it would get this big. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve received support from some surprising corners. Speaking of AFGang, we are using the way their moderators run that magnificent group as a blueprint for how we run this one. They are an example of how to run a positive, inclusive group and we hope to emulate them briefly here. We love AFGang, let it be known!

Detailed guide for fans how to get the song to number 1

The campaign has been featured by Guardian, Observer, BBC, Clash Magazine and NME. Did you expect such an incredible media coverage for this effort?

Michael Hall:  Absolutely not. The Evening Standard and some of the other Tory rags are getting involved now too! Every member of the press I’ve spoken to has been kind and supportive so far – nothing like what you might expect.

Jarvis Cocker has responded on social media saying he was very happy about the campaign. But have him or his representatives been in touch with you?

Michael Hall:  Yes, he has a big surprise for us up his sleeve today. That will make things very interesting later in the day as the race draws to a close. We started without label or artist involvement but they are fully on board now.

All the proceeds are now going to Shelter which gives the campaign a new charitable dimension. You basically formed this year’s Band Aid. How does that feel?

Michael Hall: Well that’s a very kind thing to say indeed! This is just a small protest that a community of wonderful, good-hearted punk rock humans have made into a “thing” that now helps the homeless. Finding out that the proceeds would go to Shelter brought tears to my eyes. It’s a beautiful gesture from Jarvis and we all know how important it is to support our nation’s ever-increasing homeless population.

Where does the campaign stands now? Are we close to the official number 1 spot?

Michael Hall: We are Number 2 on Amazon, Number 2 on iTunes and Number 1 on 7Digital. Also, the song is now at Number 3 for UK downloads on Google Play and Number 1 on iTunes Alternative Charts!

If everyone in our group downloads the song today we’ll be in the charts tomorrow. The Official Number 1 is a long shot, of course it always has been, but we are going to do absolutely everything we can to make it happen. We haven’t slept since Monday so we’re not going to give up now!

The charts statistics are closing on Thursday 19th of December at midnight. What can people still do to help?

Michael Hall: Download, download, download and stream, stream, stream. Every download helps a homeless person and tells this government what we think of them.  #jarvis4xmas

Detailed information about the single:
Release: 13 November 2006
Formats: CD/LP with bonus 7″/Digital Download/Promotional CD
Sleeve: The Designers Republic & Jarvis Cocker
Highest Chart Position: 37 (UK)
More information:


You can join the group at:

You can download and buy the song at:

Amazon Music:
Google Play:

A rare copy of Radio edit (clean version) and white label CD has been posted on Twitter:

The campaign has been officially endorsed by Jarvis Cocker and Rough Trade (the label who released the single).

View this post on Instagram

What a strange couple of days! I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in this campaign to get “Cunts Are Still Running The World” to #1 for Xmas. What a lark! I’m so proud that people have chosen the song as a means of protest against the social, political & environmental situation we find ourselves in. We’ve been playing this song at the recent JARV IS… shows & I often sing “but not for long” at the very end. I truly believe that, as long as we don’t give up, that is true. These are cold, hard times but initiatives like this campaign make me feel all warm & hopeful inside. Christmasy even. All proceeds go to Shelter too – so it’s also doing some practical good. All being well we should have a musical Christmas pressie to share with you later today or tomorrow. It’s another way of saying thanks. Keep the faith x #jarvis4xmas #shelter #butnotforlong #letsdothis

A post shared by @ jarvisbransoncocker on

After the singer and the record label officially acknowledged the fan effort to bring the song to the top of the charts, magazines, celebrities and fellow musicians voiced their support on social media for the campaign. We managed to find several examples:

And the singer had a fantastic surprise for the group that has been working tirelessly. He prepared a special, acoustic version that was delivered to the group members on the last day of their campaign. The song was accompanied by a message:

“So here’s the story: about a month ago the Kaiser Quartett sent me a recording of their arrangement of “Running the World” & asked if I’d consider singing on it. So I did. The song will feature on one of their upcoming record releases but – given the current campaign – we thought you might like to get a sneak preview right now. Merry Xmas! Jarvis xx”

If you still haven’t had enough, you can also see a rare live performance of the song from 2009:

From a crazy idea of just two people, to a Facebook group of nearly 35.000 people in less than a week, the campaign surpassed all expectations. Nobody even thought it would be possible to engage such a big crowd. And the effects are simply mind blowing. We have been collecting articles about the idea and in  just under 2 days, we managed to collect over 60 links to the biggest newspapers  from all over the world. Including The Times, Guardian, Rolling Stone magazine, The Independent, BBC and others.  Please take a look at the articles as even professional PR house wouldn’t be able to brag about such powerful and successful campaign.

Press articles: (parody site)



Chart Position:

On the 20th of December, the official UK charts statistics became available. The group admins released the following statement:

“The Chart positions are in.
UK Download Chart: No. 2
Scotland Overall Chart: No. 6
7Digital: No. 1
iTunes: No. 3
Amazon: No. 3
Google Play: No. 3
UK National Chart: No. 48
Over 225,000 Streams!

This is absolutely, insanely incredible. We started this for fun and out of disappointment and discontent 7 days ago – we didn’t get admins or the nod from the label until Monday. That’s just 4 days. You took a 13 year old song that a few people remembered very fondly and turned it into the rallying cry of a mini-movement”.

Few hours later another, longer announcement was issued:

“This is absolutely, insanely incredible. We started this for fun and out of disappointment and discontent 7 days ago – we didn’t get admins or the nod from the label until Monday. That’s just 4 days. You took a 13 year old song that a few people remembered very fondly and turned it into the rallying cry of a mini-movement.

There are now 33,000+ now us. This community has taken a little bit of civil disobedience and turned it into a huge campaign, a community comforting one another and offering hope and humour where it’s most needed. A community that has dedicated it’s time, money and energy to helping the homeless and giving agency to the voiceless over this week.

We’re immeasurably proud of you, the people in this group who have achieved such huge strides in such a ludicrously short amount of time.

It’s been a delight to receive positive coverage from The Guardian, The Indy, Clash Magazine, The NME, Les Inrockuptibles, Radio Ireland, God Is In The TV, Under The Radar, PopBitch, Roliing Fucking Stone and many more. It was a thrill for a bunch of fan-humans to get support from The Lemonheads, Richard Hawley, Shaun Keaveny, Tom Robinson, AFGang, Stuart Maconie, Maxine Peake, Spillers Records, Nick Wallington, Fat White Family, Pam Hogg…and so many more. THANKS TO THEM!

That all aside, everything positive that has happened is because of you, this community – not the record label, not the press, not a celebrity, not a politician and not even our beloved Jarvis himself. You have come together and made a difference. You have helped homeless people in the UK at their most vulnerable time of year and offered a strong voice of protest against injustice and the rise of the right.


“I learned a long time ago there is something worse than missing the goal and that’s not pulling the trigger” Mia Hamm

We on the left are used to all manner of defeat. Sure, we hoped for a higher National Chart playing – about 47 places higher as it goes – but the odds were stacked and you did great work. We don’t see this as a defeat but as a phenomenal first step. We don’t want ANYONE here to feel like this was a waste of energy or time – we will Keep Fucking Going.

We’ll be moving forward with those who would wish to stay with us as a cultural fundraising, campaigning forum and organisation group which we can help steer towards positive outcomes. We envision this as being a place to arrange and promote REAL WORLD change-making – projects and fundraisers large and small from all parts of the group, from all corners of the world. But we started this for fun and plan to keep it that way. Keep your good humour flowing and music recommendations flooding in.

We plan to start using the mentoring facility on Facebook to offer more vulnerable group members someone to reach out to in times of need.

We will be here for each other.

We are here to unite, never to divide – and all clear thinking good-hearted people are welcome here. We admins will try to live up to your standards.

We’ve listened to all the suggestions being made in the group and we will continue to do so. It won’t be anything like the same intensity from us this week – but don’t expect us to slack and don’t you even think of that either.

Here’s some things we all need to remember:



THIS GROUP HAS A ZERO CUNT POLICY (apart from me, obvs)

We’ll rename the group after the weekend – suggestions would be great.

So – community leaders, musicians, artists, fundraisers, campaigners, charity reps, non-cunts – towards what shall we next steer this unwieldy beast?!

Cunts ARE still running the world…but not for long…


Helen, Darcie, Michael, Tracey, Ian, Emily, Julia, Lisa, John, Abigail. Team#jarvis4xmas

You can find all charts screenshots in the gallery below:

On 21st of December, an urgent announcement was posted on the group, providing more information about the mid-week position:



We have insider info and are beyond thrilled to tell you that the song is now at #2 in the national day-by-day charts!!

The full UK charts. The proper charts. The one we were #48 in yesterday. You kept downloading this song for charity and saying you wanted a #1 this week instead. And we went up 46 places overnight. What do you think about that?!

Thank you, inflight WiFi. Please pass the tissues.

We’re cancelling Christmas. We’re going to get this song to number 1 – the first Number 1 single of 2020. We’re doing this. Join us???



Join and share on every platform!!
Twitter & Instagram: @jarvis4january”

If you haven’t downloaded or steamed the song yet, please do so – the group is fighting to keep the song in top 10 for next week and maybe give it a number one in the first week of January! Whatever happens – when the community comes together, amazing ideas come true. Thank you!

All sales proceedings from the song throughout the festive period will be donated to Shelter.

What a time to be alive (despite the poverty and politics of hate).
Please keep on giving and supporting, you are doing amazingly well.

Rita and Malcia Dabrowicz

Alternative Festivities at Indieterria

Hello there!

We are in the middle of Festive Season and everyone runs amok looking for last minute presents, people wear ugly jumpers and curse at the weather.  Queen is on the telly, turkey`s in the oven and all the cracker`s jokes are half funny.

In the UK, there is also a long tradition of having alternative celebrations, with typical witty and  dry humour,  puns and general disregard for conveniences. We thought, we would do something of this sort – kind of indie festivities here at Indieterria, tongue-in-cheek, funny, politically incorrect kind of way. Let`s be punk for a day and have fun. The year was tough enough. So we asked our friends and musicians on the local scene some holiday-themed questions and let them unwind a bit.

Please take all the answers with a barrel of salt. Or two.  Or a barrel of cider. Whatever gets you though the Christmas Madness.

* Jesse River Dylan Murray (JRDM)

Question: Ugly Christmas jumpers are passé. What to wear to look like a rock’n’roll star?

Jesse:  This!

Indieterria: You own a Morrissey jumper?
Jesse:  Wore it to work today!
Indieterria: Any other fashion tips?
Jesse: Don’t smile too hard because then Santa will think you’re up to something and that you haven’t been entirely good. And he’ll put something smelly in your stocking.

Jesse is absolutely a rock`n`roll fun. And he looks likes the part of a rock god.

Rock and Roll fun!

* Thousand Mountain

Question:  How to throw a perfect NYE party?
TM: A mixture of illegal drugs and cuddles. This can apply to any party. (laugh)
Indieterria: Anything else or you just recommend these two?
TM: Perhaps Thousand Mountain new EP blasting through the speakers!

Of course, Thousand Mountain know how to party. Here they are using jaffa cake packages as light sabers.

The Force is strong with this band


* Population:7

Question: You get to choose Christmas No 1 song. What tune is it?
P7:  It has to be “A Christmas F***ing Miracle” by Run the Jewels.

A much better tune than what the charts offered this year! No complaints here.

*  The Americas

Question: Executive orders were often used this year, especially over the Big Pond. Imagine you can issue an executive order for this Christmas. What should be obligatory?

The Americas: The festive sport of politicians hunting would be obligatory this Boxing Day… by order of Santa Claus himself.

Strong like a bottle of punch but unfortunately there are still some “traditions” around the festive time that should be relegated to the bin of history.  We at Indieterria would like to see cruelty-free Christmas this and every year.

We adore The Americas, not only for their music but for their conscience too.  Having a heart in the right place is much more important than the biggest present under the tree!

And speaking about The Americas, on December 24th their song has been played on BBC 6 Music. With a recommendation. That`s what what we call an Indie Christmas Miracle!

The Americas being recommended on BBC 6 Music, by a complete surprise!

* Duncan Graves (photographer)

Question: Mr Photographer, how to look like a million pounds in the festive selfies?
Duncan: Put the transparent green wrapper from your chocolates over your photos flash!

We put the advise into practice. What do you think? Better than Kim K?

Everything`s Gone Green!

Iggy Cuthbert (Happy Bones)

Question: In case of an extreme weather this holiday season (you know snow storms, ice on the streets, temperature drop to -30 Celsius), what survival tactics can you recommend?

Iggy: I think drink a lot of wine and smoke a tonne in hopes that you would burn up from the inside like a nice warm fireplace in a groovy pub.

Decadent poetry is always in season.  Here is a picture of Iggy and his friends from Boneyard sessions at a nice and cosy pub (Heroes) with some festive candy.

Boneyard Sessions crew with candy


*  Christian Burton (promoter)

Question: Everybody loves the presents. What should people find under their Christmas trees? Any ideas?

Christian:  New music! Everybody should get at least one LP they have never heard before, or by an artist that is new to them. Some of my best Xmas presents have been LPs that were new to me.

Socks! Socks are items I generally don’t like buying. They’re more of a necessity than a pleasure for me, and I’m not trendy or hipster enough to roll my trousers up to show them off, so if anyone buys me fancy socks for Christmas it’s a bonus even though they’ll stay unseen under my jeans!

Chocolate! It wouldn’t feel like Christmas if you aren’t stuffing your face with sweets even though you’ve eaten your own body weight in Christmas dinner, Christmas pudding and all the cheese.

Good Whisky! Helps you cope with competitive family board games and questionable political debates with the people you only see once or twice a year!

There you go! A whole list in case you feel uninspired what to give your near and dears!

Christian with Navajo Ace at Heroes in Worcester


* Nuns of the Tundra

Question:  Holiday season is often a time of temptation (just one more mince pie!). Can Nuns of the Tundra offer any tips how to avoid gluttony?

Nundra: It`s all relative, so make sure your gluttony levels are low in comparison to those around you, then by default you will no longer be the gluttonous one. The Nuns recommend you befriend a school of blue whales over the holiday season, that extra mince pie won’t be so frowned upon when your mates are eating 8000 pounds of krill!

Making friends is very important. After all nobody should be alone or body shamed at Christmas. And to prove the point, here are the Nuns eating excessive amounts in chocolate. In moderation that is.

Nuns of the Tundra with a large chocolate bar. Don`t try this at home.


* Ruben Seabright

Question: You are the new show runner for Doctor Who. What does the Who Christmas special include?

Ruben: My Doctor Who special would be epic. I’m talking Cybermen/Daleks team up trying to bring Earth to its knees by forcing the populace to endure Christmas songs 24/7, all year round.

The Doctor fights heroically against this, cutting down waves of Cybermen and putting a stop to these amplified transmissions of “Do they Know It’s Christmas” but no matter how hard the Doctor fights, it’s not enough.

Just when all hope is lost, (cities lie in ruins, Michael Buble has been made King Of The World), help arrives in a surprising manner.

From the dust and rubble emerges a mysterious figure, draped in leather, a top hat adorning his head, guitar in hand, a determined look struck upon his face. An astonished onlooker exclaims loudly “It`s really him, the Lothario himself, Jesse River Dylan Murray!”

The Show runner (Ruben) and The Companion (Jesse)

As Jesse strides towards to The Doctor, striking down Daleks in his path, he sets down his amp, and starts playing.

The Cybermen retreat first, unable to handle the deep notes of his song, but The Daleks ships remain in orbit, undeterred, and pumping out “Mistletoe & Wine” as loud as cosmically possible.

Jesse plays louder as The Doctor whips out the fabled Sonic Screwdriver. Using the power of the Screwdriver, The Doctor amplifies the sound of JRDM to unearthly levels, blocking out the festive slop of Cliff Richard, until suddenly, silence.

After a few minutes, the silence is broken by the sound of inactive Daleks falling from the sky, as the entire human race cheers for Jesse and The Doctor, heroes of mankind.

As Jesse turns to leave, The Doctor says: “You know, I am searching for a new assistant’.

Jesse looks back and replies “I`m sorry Doctor, I’m a lone wolf. Although, If the world is ever attacked by Christmas loving aliens again, then I’ll be there.”

As Jesse leaves, The Doctor smiles wistfully and says to the assembles throng “Right then, we better get rebuilding, it will be Easter soon”.

Everyone laughs and there`s an 80’s style freeze frame as the credits roll.

The End

As for a show runner – Ruben can whip up a pitch faster than you can say “Steven Moffat”.

Rocking around the Christmas tree – Ruben Seabright performing at the Old Greyhound in Worcester

That`s all folks!

We hope you giggled once or twice reading this post.

Merry Christmas folks the indie way.