Vanadian Avenue

 About us: 
We live and breathe art, especially music. For us, it is a natural state of mind. But in case anybody wonders why a person can be so passionate about it, here are some possible explanations:

Blame creativity
. We have a high sense of aesthetics and we are drawn to all things cultural: be it craft, all sorts of writing, paintings, photography, animation, movies, video games, comic books, music – all those things that help human beings to express their feelings. Whatever we pick up will be of good quality, it’s like a sixth sense. It is an ego booster when your friends turn to you in search of the next cool thing. The bad side of it is that over the years you tend to lose tons of books, records, photos and comics. Then you learn to be more assertive 😉

Parental influence. Our Dad was into The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix and Black Sabbath. Our Mom was a fan of glam rock, Stones and Bee Gees. They both, funnily enough, liked Abba. Before we could walk, we were exposed to a mix of rock, glam and pop from both sides of Atlantic. There was also a big collection of vinyl records that we played with. By the age of five we could sing both “Waterloo” and “Hard day`s night” without knowing a word in English.

Environmental impact. Our wild imagination was fueled with literature, myths and books about legends, movies such as “Star Wars” or early animations, comic books we picked up, and stories we heard from other people, computer games we have played on our old ZX Spectrum. Once you embrace the pop culture, your hunger to know more grows with each and every day.

Us in Denmark, 2003. Hanging out in Copenhagen before Roskilde Festival

Fate written in the stars. We were born on the day when Black Sabbath issued their final single with Ozzy Osbourne and “Pop Muzik” was on the top of the charts. Our blood type is 0 negative. Our favorite lullaby was Alan Parsons Project. When asked what we wanted to be in the future we would say “in a rock band” or a ”music journalist” as quickly as other kids mentioned being a firefighter or a  police officer.

It’s no wonder that by the time we went to high school (the rebel years), we were trying to have our fingers in possibly every creative pie. We both were writing own lyrics and poems and short stories. We attended all the concerts that were loud enough to give the neighbours a heart attack, we played music from Abba to ZZ Top and decorated the room in such a fashion that you could not see the wallpaper: on the right there was a collage of death metal acts from Tampa, on the left there was a shrine to grunge.

We spent nights awaken listening to radio shows or following Headbanger’s Ball. Rita began to draw at that time; Mal was more interested in crafts, making friendship bracelets and sewing her own Fear Factory tags.

Opening of World Press Photo exhibition in 2007 in Valletta, Malta

We didn’t manage to make a band because we couldn’t find like-minded people but we have been in a church choir. Soon we also discovered we could organize things and write articles.

College years were hectic, we were  involved in making comic conventions, art exhibitions, wrote articles to three different comics/manga magazines and yet, managed to graduate with double MA`s. Mal took up photography and Rita began experimenting with painting. We have participated in organizing Roskilde Festival several times.

After studies things didn’t slow down for a moment. Mal moved to Malta and funded a collective with help of Rita and other friends. The group known as Phos brought World Press Photo to Malta in 2007. Slowly, we also started to exhibit own works to the public. Now, we want to take things to a higher level. This is what constitutes “Vanadian Avenue”.

Immerse passion, knowledge, and desire to create and to express ourselves in many ways.


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